Announcing YesGraph’s B2B Referrals with Intelligent Contact Targeting

Driving growth is all about quantitatively improving your product. At YesGraph we strive to make that easier by doing the heavy lifting for social flows. We recommend exactly who users should invite to boost the performance of invite flows.

Today we’re announcing some amazing new tools and a new focus: B2B.

We’ve found the best signal in the context of products designed for companies.

For collaborative products, YesGraph helps users invite the right coworkers. When your users onboard their teams, they activate at a higher rate, subscribe, and grow revenue.

For referrals, YesGraph helps users invite contacts who are decision makers matching your ideal customer profile. When your users refer the right contacts, you improve acquisition metrics and grow revenue.

Here is how our processing pipeline helps boost performance, with more details on how it works below.


Target the Right Contacts

The most amazing part is how little engineering is required. First you add our web invite widget using literally a single line of code.


This adds every important invite channel to your flow: email, social, link sharing, and contact importing for bulk email.

YesGraph recommends the right contacts after the user imports an email address book. This is set on our targeting dashboard. For example, we can target by role:


You can also compare the performance of different targeting configurations. For example: compare targeting those roles in small and large companies:


Test Quickly and Often

This is great for growth teams because, like Optimizely, YesGraph can add a new channel to run frequent tests with very little engineering work.

The best growth teams track not just the impact of their experiments but many tests they run. Pure velocity.

We take care of the hard parts like indexing millions of emails, enriching across multiple data services, filtering the noise like craigslist emails, applying ranking in real time, measuring the impact of your testing, and dozens of other details that would distract your engineers from your core product.

To find out more, go to YesGraph and request a demo.

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