YesGraph’s 1st Business Hire

We’re hiring for a business role. This post describes the product we’re building and the opportunity for the role.


  • YesGraph helps drive growth using social data
  • We’re a team of 5 focused on product & engineering
  • This is our first non-technical hire
  • We’re looking help with sales process, data partnerships, and more
  • Watch our YC Demo day pitch!

I include the video below which includes our YC S16 demo day pitch! If you want to apply or refer a friend, just email me:

Screenshot 2016-09-05 12.32.45

YesGraph helps apps grow with social data.

We help parse and rank user contacts like emails and phone number to recommend who the user should invite for collaboration or a referral. This can help an invite flow drive higher performance, boosting acquisition and retention.

Under the hood, we use machine learning over a huge volume of social graph data to understand the world. We start with contacts data like names, emails, and phone numbers, and enrich and expand the data from the web and social media.

Our ambition is to map every human relationship on the planet. Literally everyone. Our product has an incredible data network effect where the more customers we add, the more data we see, the more insight we can derive, and the greater performance we drive.

We’re looking for our first business hire.

We’ve tested some ideas and we need help answering lots of big questions. Here are just a few.

Sales Process

We’ve done some outbound sales emails, but we need to scale. We need to experiment with lead sourcing, positioning, and process. We can explain YesGraph in a few paragraphs, but how do we distill a brief message? How do we incorporate feedback from customers into our sales process and messaging?

In building our core data product, we’ve begun to build up a model of every company in the world. How can we leverage this model in our sales?

Product Teardowns

Our team can help companies grow with industry best practices. Check out the teardown of Telegram below.

How should we scale this service? How can it be incorporated into our SaaS sales process? This is great content, so how do we balance the marketing potential?

Growth Class & Paid Acquisition

We have a successful blog focusing on growth and analytics. We also wrapped up some extra content into a paid class:

Like the growth teardown services, how do we connect our SaaS sales to this training? What is the right sales process for leads from the blog and the class? How should we scale paid acquisition to the class?

Data Partnerships

YesGraph’s core product involves getting social graph data from customers and trying to make sense of it. We’re already using a few data sources to enrich this core data.

When should we scale vendors into partners? Are there any sales targets that are actually better positioned as data partnerships? What data sources are we missing?

By the way, if you got this far, ask about brown m&ms when we meet.

Real Ownership

There is so much opportunity here. This means we want you to really own this.

That means you’ll get significant stock. It also means sovereignty — freedom to take on and master these challenges.

YesGraph offers benefits like health insurance, great food, flexible schedules, a killer computer, and more.

If you want to apply or refer a friend, just email me:

Screenshot 2016-09-05 12.32.45