Just Launched! Our Complete Guide to Growth

The problem with “Growth Hacking” is that there are legit growth teams at companies like Facebook and Dropbox, but there is still a huge amount of confusion about how to actually drive growth.

It doesn’t help that much of what you can read about the topic isn’t from people that have done it at scale. Worse yet, a general problem with advice is how to synthesize good ideas from others into what you should do for your own company.

We’re launching a class on growth to help solve this problem. We want to help companies get a grip on their data, understand their users, make better decisions, and grow faster. We want to dispel the bullshit and instill the practical advice that you can use today.


I’ve been obsessed with this idea for years — ever since my first startup didn’t take off and I learned how Facebook ran their growth machine. I ran growth at Dropbox and refined my advice — and since have talked to hundreds of companies about what works and what doesn’t.

At YesGraph, We build a product that can help with growth. But much of what we’ve learned about growth isn’t something that can be productized. These lessons learned are about how you think and organize your team. It’s how you run experiments. It’s how you ask the right questions.

So check out the class right here.

This class covers analytics, virality, referrals, growth process, hiring and more. We’ve embedded the syllabus below — it’s pretty long! The format is video lectures plus written essays. We think this will help you get two perspectives to better understand the material. The first lecture is free to preview!

On top of all this, we’re making a living document. We’re going to take feedback, and upgrade the class. This might mean more examples, more exercises, and more topics covered. If you purchase the class, you’ll access to all this new material for free. Feedback loops are as essential part of making your product excellent — and this class is a living example of how much we believe in that.

We have more coming soon too! We want to have more options, like product reviews and maybe even off-sites! You can email me anytime with feedback or questions about the class: ivan@yesgraph.com

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