Boost B2B Team Onboarding with Domain Targeting

We’re announcing something new today to make it much easier to help B2B companies onboard teams of users.

There is a trend of consumerization of IT. In SaaS, that often means consumer quality design and user experience. We keep our ear to the ground with growth communities, and more companies building B2B apps are using consumer tactics to drive metrics improvements.

Teams matter a lot for collaborative B2B products. Like a small social network, there is a network effect where a few users engaging in an app together will be retained at a far higher rate than those that don’t.

To help with B2B invite flows, we’ve added Domain Targeting to our Superwidget web invite flow. With a single line of code, you can allow the user to import their email address book. Then YesGraph will suggest contacts on their work email domain.


If you already have an invite flow, you can just add our contact importing to your existing flow. The Superwidget can manage the whole flow, or be used as an add on. Just the contact importing looks like this:

Screenshot 2016-07-01 09.06.03

We manage the whole auth flow too – again with one line of code. To learn more, head over to our docs pages to learn about domain targeting and contact importers.

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