Grow Faster with YesGraph’s iOS SDK

We’re delighted to announce that YesGraph’s iOS SDK is now available. It’s the easiest way to use our API. Plus you’ll get a high performance invite flow for free.

We’ve built in the best the growth design patterns from the best apps. Our SDK will be as easy to integrate as the native share sheet — the difference is it will actually work and help you grow. The best part is that we’ll be continuously testing and improving the flow, so using our SDK means you can run more growth experiments for free.

YesGraph iOS SDK 100

Let’s walk through the user experience.

First a user triggers the flow with the click of a “share” button. Then we explain how sharing works and give a few options — Facebook, Twitter, your contacts, or a link to copy.

This is entirely customizable — the colors, the copy, the default text for the messages — everything.

If the user selects contacts, we prompt to get permission to access the contacts. Using a share splash and double native modal, we help the user understand why we’re requesting contacts. This way we maximize user trust and conversion rate to approve the sharing.

We manage using YesGraph’s API under the hood. We take care of network errors, local caching, and a bunch of other issues.

Finally, we show the user’s contacts, including YesGraph’s suggested contacts at the top. Under the hood, these suggestions are based on our machine learning and social graph analysis. These personalized recommendations improve the user experience and your app’s invite metrics. YesGraph gets smarter over time — all without your needing to worry about it.

Oh — and everything is open source. Check it out on Github here. Star the repo and share it! We also just opened up a community slack channel to chat growth and help with integration. Or just email us:

Up next: an Android SDK. That’ll come with some awesome new features, so we’re working hard to get it done as soon as possible.