YesGraph Javascript Library Now Available

We just released the first version of our Javascript SDK. This makes it easier to integrate YesGraph into your web app.

The library we’re releasing today helps manage YesGraph’s API. What we aren’t launching today is the user-facing features. We wanted to get the library out faster for some apps that need it. If you already render contact lists, this is for you.

You can head over to our documentation page to learn about how to do the integration. It’s just one line of code, plus we use jquery. We’re working with Amazon Cloudfront as a CDN, so you can include it directly in your page.

Screenshot 2016-02-08 12.20.08

That’s minified, and you can see the code on our Github repo here.

We’re not done! We’re working on a flow that will actually power the user-interface to send invites in email and social channels. That’ll take a few more weeks — we’re really excited to launch that as soon as possible!

We’re actively working on this and would love your feedback. Please take this survey if you’re interested in influencing what we build:

You can also email us at anytime.