We’re Launching a Class: The Complete Guide To Growth


UPDATE: WE’VE LAUNCHED THE CLASS! FIND IT HERE: http://learn.yesgraph.com/courses/complete-guide-to-growth


I learned from the inside how Facebook drives growth and then ran growth at Dropbox. YesGraph incorporates some of these powerful ideas, but not everything we’ve learned can turn into a product.

This is why we’re so active writing about growth. For example, we think setting a clear, singular goal is very important. That isn’t a product, but a process for your product team. The response to our writing has been strong, so we’re doubling down.

Today we’re announcing a comprehensive online class on how to run growth.

We’ll cover running a process around growth, analytics top to bottom, deep dives into virality, and more — with plenty of examples and war stories.

If you want to get the class as soon as it is available in a few weeks, add your email here. 

But I have a big request! Tell me what you’d like to learn. If you want to know more about a topic or struggled with an idea, we want to add it to the class.

All you need to do is email me: ivan@yesgraph.com

Now let’s get meta. The way to make high quality products is customer feedback loops. This is a crucial growth understanding that we cover in depth in the class. This blog post is doing just that! Before we’re ready to show what we’ve put together, we’re already asking for feedback. So we’d really like to hear from you!