Samuel Hulick Will Save You (and Your Users)

At YesGraph, we’re all about growth. We’re obsessed. We talk to so many companies about growth that we think we can help in lots of ways.

Our new growth product can help, but there is a lot more to talk about too. So we’re blogging about metrics and growth. And now we’ll start interviewing growth experts and startup founders building the future.

Introducing YesGraph Office Hours

We’re really excited to start publishing some of our interviews. This first episode dives deep into user onboarding with Samuel Hulick. He runs the amazing site – you definitely need to check out his product teardowns. We also talk about his new product, available at

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We have a few episodes recorded, and need to finish up editing. We’re actually not in iTunes yet. We’ve been told that to best launch a podcast, you want a few episodes queued up. You also want friends to leave positive reviews to make your iTunes launch go as well as possible.

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I’m new to this, and the best way to get better is to get feedback. Do I talk too fast? Too many “ums”? Should I have asked our audience for questions before the interview?

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