Why YesGraph Changed Pricing from Seats to Tiers

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We recently updated our pricing to match how we see companies successfully using YesGraph. Previously, we had a flat $19 / seat / month to use our paid tier designed for your company. Now we’ve updated the pricing to better fit different sized teams, with fixed pricing for up to a certain number of members.

We’re also delighted to add a new free tier. If you have up to 10 members, you don’t need to worry about an expiring trial. As your team grows, you’ll grow with us and moved to a paid tier. You can get started creating a team, or check out the updated pricing page here.

free tier

For the paid tiers, we wanted to match how your organization values recruiting and referrals. We’ve made it incredibly easy and inexpensive to start out on a small team, and we grow from there. You might start with just a small group within your company, and then as you add people, we’ll scale with you.

paid tiersWith our previous pricing per seat, we found people hesitated to invite their whole team. That doesn’t match one of the most important lessons we’ve learned in recruiting. If you want to scale referrals you need to get the whole company involved. By updating our pricing, we’re matching that best practice with how customers value our product.

It also matches how the product works. YesGraph makes it easy to invite your whole team to make referrals. The more trusted people you get to help, the more successful your recruiting will be. Plus coworkers can invite their trusted contacts outside the company. This subtle change also helps drive scale.

What can people on your YesGraph team do that those you just invite to make referrals can’t? Team members can see all your jobs, review referrals, add team members, invite people to make referrals, and of course make referrals. Those you invite for a specific job to make referrals can do only that. We’re working on making this easier to understand, but we’re also going to make the default choice the right choice. When you invite people at your company, they’ll have more power as team members. When you invite people outside your company, they’ll just see that job to make referrals.

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