YesGraph’s New Pricing Model


We’re really excited to announce YesGraph’s new pricing model. To date, we’ve actually been free. The reason was actually only because we were focused on building our core systems over building any billing infrastructure.

We wanted to make pricing simple and easy to understand. We also wanted to make our pricing very close to the value that you get from using YesGraph. So we’ll charge a monthly fee based on the number of Address Books in YesGraph.

There is actually a strong network effect around the data your app sends in. When we learn about a user’s social graph, it helps us better understand who to recommend for more of your users.

I’m really excited to support a free tier for projects that are just getting started. This one is tricky because nothing is free: customers on a free tier typically incur support and scaling costs. What if we dilute the experience of paid customers? We decided to take that risk because many projects start small and will grow with YesGraph. Plus, any friction that requires support is an opportunity to make the product easier to use for everyone.

You can expect some experimentation here as we find the model that best fits our products. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Email me at

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