YesGraph For Teams: Get Your Whole Company Engaged in Hiring

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I’m delighted to announce a new premium tier, YesGraph for Teams. We’re going to keep our free tier, so nothing is changing for all our current users.

yesgraph's team

On the free tier, you can describe a role, invite trusted connections to recommend candidates, and review those candidates. This makes it easy to see the value of YesGraph in getting referrals.

Our premium tier helps you engage your team and collaborate in the hiring process. When you create a job, everyone on your team will get notified. This is automatic, so you don’t need to send out invites. These kinds of simple enhancements are exciting because efficiency and good workflow are hallmarks of a good recruiting organization.

What can team members do? As a design principle, we’ve tried to be as permissible as possible. Team members can create jobs, review referrals, make their own referrals, and invite connectors outside the team to make recommendations.

That last point is important because now everyone on your team can ask friends, advisors, investors, and domain experts to make recommendations. YesGraph isn’t just about employees making referrals, but a trusted chain of strong connections making recommendations.

This is a paid tier, but we start with a 15 day free trial to see how it works. The price is $19 per team member per month. There aren’t limits on the number of jobs, connectors, or referrals the team makes.

We decided to have subscription pricing instead of a fee based on closing hires because we believe in aligning incentives. We want you to be a customer forever, not just when closing a candidate. The price of a bad hire is staggering, yet many recruiting tools and agencies are paid upon a new hire reaching just a few months. We want our pricing to reflect long term thinking, which fits with our focus on referrals because referral candidates tend to close faster and have longer retention. The best companies think about hiring as a continuous effort, not just a quick fix to get butts in seats.

Go make a team here, and then tell us what you think at .