What Design at a Startup Actually Looks Like

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We recently recorded a design review at YesGraph. We share these discussions internally with the team to help build shared context for a project. The result is an interesting snapshot of what design actually looks like at a startup. We decided to share an example, and if people enjoy it, we can continue to openly share how we build YesGraph. Continue reading

How YesGraph Got Its First 1000 Users

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When you’re building a new kind of product, your focus should be on driving engagement, not scale. Do people understand your product? Are they actively using it? How often do they come back? Answering these questions is more important than user acquisition at the start because if your product isn’t engaging, that attention is wasted. Continue reading

3 Surprising Social Design and Engineering Challenges in Enterprise Software

It wasn’t until I first started working on YesGraph that I appreciated the design and engineering challenges in enterprise software. When you think about enterprise software, you probably think “bad software”. Think about getting expense reimbursements, signing up for benefits, or using a VPN. In a word: cumbersome. This makes the deep challenges even more surprising. Continue reading