If you’re building a referral program, you must read this first.

Two of the best referral programs on the web are from Dropbox and Airbnb. Have you noticed that they look really similar?


The reason is that both growth teams that build them are constantly optimizing, and they’ve reached the same conclusion about what works well.

At YesGraph, we want to make it easy for anyone to have a world class referral program. Our API boosts performance by recommending exactly who a user should invite. But there is more to program than that — often a lot of product work to implement all these great features.

We want to make building a great referral program far easier. Today we’re announcing the YesGraph Javascript SDK — internally nicknamed the SuperWidget™?. On iOS and Android (launching soon!), we built similar SDKs to handle the whole invite flow.

We want one line of code to deliver the same performance as the Dropbox and Airbnb referral programs.

We need your feedback! We’ve put together a super short survey here or you can just email us at support@yesgraph.com.

There are lots of design decisions that will impact exactly how integration works. This is a great chance to get exactly what you want built, so we’d love to hear from you!

So go take the survey here: http://goo.gl/forms/JaAMftdDuv

Or just email us at support@yesgraph.com